InSTALLing Instructions


PREPPING YOUR SURFACE: Please clean surface thoroughly of all dirt and particles. Sand down chipped paint or uneven areas if needed. DO NOT USE a cleaner that leaves a greasy residue! The decals won’t stick to this surface. Wash surface with soap and water if possible and dry thoroughly before installation.

INSTALLATION: These decals are easy to install — just like putting up a large sticker. Simply peel off about 2” of the backing from the top of the decal. Stick on the door or wall where you’d like it, then have someone help you peel off the backing while you press the decal down, using something flat like a credit card to get out the air bubbles as you go. Make sure to remove all air bubbles and go VERY SLOW. Be careful and mindful as this vinyl is thin and sticky! But once it’s applied it’ll cure and REALLY stick on there. Slow and steady wins the race! 

NOTE: Do NOT use the “wet” method of applying these decals. Even though it will work with a felt-covered squeegee, it’s more tricky and requires more attention. Also it increases the risk of edges curling up the next day, (which isn’t a problem — you would just need to reapply water to fix this.)

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR LARGE QUANTITIES, consult with with a professional at a sign company, or have him/her install the decals for you.

CLEANING THE DECALS: It is highly recommended that you only use a lightly damp cloth to wipe the decals down. DO NOT USE a cleaner, as this will destroy the decal and rub off the ink.

THESE DECALS ARE REMOVABLE, BUT NOT TRANSFERRABLE! Once they are stick, they will “cure” and really stick to the surface. If you try to peel it off, the vinyl will stretch and ruin the decal, so it can’t be used again.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, but so far this has been the easiest way to install!

Thanks again! Hope everyone loves them! Please share photos on social media and tag me!