A Little Bit of History | An InSTALLing Inspiration Story

Back in 2018, I saw a post on Facebook where people were painting positive quotes on bathroom stall doors in Texas. I shared it on my own timeline and let everyone know I was willing to do it in my hometown, Jackonville, Florida. Fast forward a few months, and I had painted the bathrooms of 12 local schools all in my free time and for no charge.

The waitlist got very long, as you can imagine, and it was almost impossible to get all the schools done and still have free time to spend with my family or to work on my own side business. That’s when I came up with the idea to make vinyl decals!

It’s now over a year later and my vinyl decals have been a #1 seller in my Etsy shop. I’ve shipping to schools all over the country – and even to Canada and Australia – and currently have over 130 designs to choose from, including some in Spanish. Each design is hand drawn and I even do custom orders and colors. It’s been amazing to see the overwhelming positive response and I LOVE seeing all the photos of them installed!


Here's a news segment featuring my painting.

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