About Me

Hi. I'm Lizz.

I've been interested in the creative arts since I was a kid, ever since my dad taught me how to draw and write with a calligraphy pen. I currently work full-time for an ad agency as an Associate Creative Director — I've been there 18 years. (Is that crazy? I can't decide!) Although I enjoy designing and pretty much anything creative, my first love will always be hand-lettering.

"Miss Fabulizz" happened naturally. I started off addressing envelopes for friends and family, and my side business has grown exponentially over the past 6 years by word of mouth! Now, I not only do calligraphy for clients, but I hand-letter chalkboards, design custom invitations, do social media marketing, create custom canvas paintings, and I have done a few wall murals! My goal is to learn more about perfecting my craft by following amazing artists online, and continue to grow my business in 2017 and beyond!

I hope that you love the items in my shop. I really enjoy creating them and am working very hard to create my own style and brand. Enjoy!